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Drain the body of ugly and uncomfortable subcutaneous water retention that plagues so many. Waterloss is one of the strongest natural diuretics formulas anywhere available legally on shelves. This highly effective and safe product has been shown to eliminate water from the body which can cause discomfort in the joints, stomach, lower back, and surrounding areas. 

Waterloss is to be used only when needed for both men and women looking to drop a handful of pounds in a short amount of time. This is perfect for someone stressed out over a big event such as a wedding, anniversary, or reunion. Athletes who are required to make a certain weight will find great use in Waterloss for rapid weight loss. And bodybuilders and fitness competitors will enjoy Waterloss to enhance vascularity and hardness on the day of competition. 

Stop using dangerous prescription medicines for this purpose and switch to something much more safe and just as effective. Waterloss does not cause cramping or other electrolyte imbalances which can cause light headedness and cramping. Trust that when you use Waterloss the results are consistent and the side-effects are non-existent. 

Featured Benefits

Equlsetum arvense Most commonly known as Horsetail Extract, this herb has been used since the times of the ancient Romans and Greeks. While traditionally used to help treat wounds, enhance wound healing, and eliminate infections, Horsetail is now predominantly used for its powerful ability to help expel unnecessary water in the body. It works so well in fact, a recent study compared it to hydrochlorothiazide (a potent prescription diuretic) and found the herb to be significantly stronger while not affecting the sodium-potassium electrolyte balance. Maintaining this balance is what allows Horsetail to impact massive reductions in water levels while not causing cramping or side effects.

Phyllanthus Amarus First used in the ethno medicine in Africa, this extract has extremely strong diuretic potential. Studies have shown it to possess the ability to remove excess water from beneath the skin, helping to achieve a leaner and more defined physique. This herb was also compared to a prescription diuretic and again found it to be of similar potency with significantly less side effects as a result of its electrolyte balance.

Sophora japonica Found predominantly in Chinese medicine, this herb has been used to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the body. This is crucial when reducing water levels in the body as this can cause blood pressure to sky rocket, and potentially painful joints. This herb makes sure WATERLOSS offers zero side effects commonly associated with diuretics, and lets you feel your best while looking your best. 

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