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Lean Muscle Gainer Stack

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Lean Muscle Gainer

(PWO-Max, Intra-Elite, EAAs, Sleep/GH)


Most of us could use more muscle, but not at the expense of extra unwanted body fat. Prime Nutrition’s Lean Muscle Gainer Stack is an excellent blend of our leading products that are all made with the goal in mind of adding lean muscle tissue, but also having you perform at your best each time you train. 


Whether you’re an early riser before school or work, or you blast out your training into the wee hours of the evening you can utilize PWO-Max™. This is our high stimulant, DMAE, and Caffeine, but Beta-Alanine and Arginine for added pumps and more reps during your sets. Also inside this stack is Intra-Elite and EAAs, which are perfect to take together during your workout for added recovery and endurance. And finish your night off with Sleep/GH for restful and deep sleeps that will have you waking up refreshed for the day. Sleep is such a critical time in your quest for new muscle mass due to the large amounts of natural growth hormone that is released during REM sleep. Taking Sleep/GH will put you into REM fast, producing an extended pulse of GH in the body. Over time, this can result in reduced body fat and more lean muscle mass to your frame.