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Why Are Athletes Using an Intra-Workout Nutrition Drink?

Posted on January 08 2018



Getting into the shape of your dreams can be a daunting and complicated process, but rewarding. These changes to your body happen slowly over time, it takes hard work and research to make sure your workout, diet plan, and supplementation is tailored to suit your specific needs for maximum results. So how do we sort out what and by whom do we utilize supplements to our adventure? The new understanding of Intra-workout nutritional products is an addition that many pro and amateur athletes are adding to their supplement routines to get the most out of every workout and to recover optimally.


What are intra-workout supplements?

In a nutshell, they work to give you more energy during your workout while also providing Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) to aid in tissue repair. They help keep muscles firing with continuous fast acting carbohydrates and in turn, allow you to train harder and longer. Simply carry a shaker with you and sip during your workout so there’s a steady source of nutrients to fuel any training session. Some people try to maximize potential energy by eating large carbohydrate meals like pasta or rice before training. Problem is this can actually slow you down. Research shows that your body shunts on average 60% more blood supply to the gut. This shifts blood towards your stomach for digestion instead of into muscle cells while training. If you a supplement that is easily digested and assimilated for increased performance, we recommend adding an intra workout supplement like Intra-Elite™ or Intra-Elite EAA.


Timing is important when it comes to using supplements in relation to your workout. If you wait too long after using a pre-workout formula to train, you won’t reap the benefits of the additional energy contained in them. Additionally, if you wait too long after a training to get your protein, your muscle cells won’t be able to use the specific ingredients as effectively. The same timing effect applies to intra workout supplements.


Intra workout supplements can be one of the most beneficial ways to help you build lean muscle during a workout. Combing scientifically advanced ingredients designed to fuel athletes during their most intense sessions, our Prime Nutrition intra workout formulas are some of the most advanced on the market and are used by pro athletes around the world including an Olympic gold medalist and a Mr. Olympia Champion.


Intra-Elite™ is especially designed to ensure a fast and long gastric emptying due to the HBCD, or Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, allowing it to provide a surge of energy that lasts throughout your workout. This will not only provide energy for your workout, but also helps improve the quality of your muscular blood flow, or pump, as you lift. Intra-Elite EAA™ product uses Hydromax®, which is comprised of 65% glycerol. This will allow an increase in intramuscular fluid within your muscles so that when you lift, you have amazing muscle pump and the ability to break down muscle fibers more completely than before.

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