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What Makes PWO-MAX™ So Powerful?

Posted on July 10 2017


Two-Max by Prime Nutrition

So, you need something new that will drastically change your workout intensity?  PWO-Max™ is the most powerful pre-workout to hit the market in years. Normally that would be a bold statement in today’s supplement game. With supplement companies waging a virtual battle royale to determine who’s pre-workout will set a person’s hair on fire first, to make a claim like the most powerful is a mighty statement. 


But the proof is there. Just have a look at the multitude of high powered ingredients in each serving of PWO-Max™. It wasn’t enough to spike it with 75mg of DMAA, the most sought after pre-workout stimulant ever created, but Prime Nutrition went a step further to ensure it makes its users eyes bug out of their heads. 500mg of DMAE, a slightly chemically altered version of DMAA is also inside PWO-Max™, more than enough to drive you through a long workout or fire you up on the ride the gym. 



Many popular pre-workouts you’ll see out today try to fool their customers by loading up their pre-workouts with cheap stimulants and other weaker and less effective ingredients that will require more and more the longer you use it. PWO-Max™ utilizes caffeine, because, why wouldn’t it? Caffeine is the most researched and safely used stimulant in the world. But they didn’t go crazy with the dosage, just 100mg per serving is just the right amount to get you motivated without causing dehydration, cramps, or headaches. Exactly what you don’t want when you’re about to go workout. 


What really makes PWO-Max™ pre-workout so powerful its awesome ability to help you drive out more reps each set. Included is Beta Alanine, a very effective lactic acid buffer which will help you push past normal sticking points. If last week you were stuck on the 8th rep and changed nothing else, but added in PWO-Max™, in just weeks you’ll be blasting past that 8th rep on your way to 10, 12, and 15 reps. Sounds pretty powerful, right? It doesn’t end with the added strength and endurance. 


The pump is what we’re all chasing. Somebody wise once said, “Big arms equals big paychecks.” Now, I don’t know if that still holds up today, but when you’re in the gym nothing feels better than having a massive pump with veins popping out from every direction. Agmatine Sulfate is an extremely effective vasodilator which will allow for increased blood flow in and out of the muscle. This is extremely important in building new muscle as it lets nutrients work their way into the muscle cells much more efficiently. 


PWO-Max™ is really for the person who’s tried just about every preworkout on the market and is still looking for something more. This is the one you’ll be telling your friends about. Not only will your workout intensity be increased, but the overall quality of your workout will go up. Each rep will be executed with a fury. You’ll need to be dragged out of the gym kicking and screaming. They don’t make pre-workouts like this anymore. Well, they do now. PWO-Max™ is the last pre-workout you’ll need to try. Don’t take my word on it, try it for yourself.