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The New Prime Nutrition

Fitness industry experts and entrepreneurs Aaron Singerman of RedCon1 and Jared Wheat of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals have relaunched the popular Prime Nutrition brand. With its introduction to the ever-growing nutritional supplement market in 2014, this pairing of industry leaders saw the need for hardcore focused nutrition supplements and began the process of growing it once again. Prime Nutrition is now poised to set the standard for cGMP certified manufacturing, guerilla marketing expertise and a growing national distribution strategy that will quickly have all new Prime products back in your local stores.

 Among the first orders of business was to bring the manufacturing processes for the new Prime into the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals massive facilities in Norcross, Georgia. The new in-house marketing team has created a new look and feel but with consumer familiar product names. Prime Nutrition’s Aaron Singerman says he is eager to showcase its new and improved product lineup with customers nationwide. Prime Nutrition is coming back stronger to regain its status as one of the most anticipated and successful fitness brands targeting daily gym goers and hardcore athletes alike.

The Prime Philosophy

Aaron and Jared came together to create a powerful team with the skills and experience to create and distribute scientifically backed, seed to shelf supplements that exceed expectations. To ensure product quality, every raw material is tested for purity and then the final product is tested again. With the high cost of testing, some companies might take shortcuts, but because Prime now owns their own testing facilities, it is cost effective to test and retest every batch of products hitting the shelves. Before a supplement goes into production, it goes through rigorous scientific and real-world testing. Most supplement companies don’t have the ability to invest so heavily into research. A major reason to consider the Prime Nutrition brand is its willingness to invest heavily into research and development because they understand that quality speaks for itself.

Prime Nutrition is focused on creating the best products for both the hardcore bodybuilder as well as fitness enthusiasts and has a variety of new products in development that will continue to impress fans who rely on their supplements to succeed in and out of the gym.

 Prime’s Best Selling Products

Prime Nutrition products were created to fulfill the needs of athletes who desire pre, intra, and post workout nutrition to help with performance and recovery. Understanding exercise science and physiology is what allows Prime’s team of scientists to develop this newly burgeoning sets of products.

Intra-MD™ intra-workout nutrition, now renamed Intra Elite™, contains highly branched cyclic dextrin, a new scientifically developed carbohydrate that greatly enhances recovery and energy levels. Packed with a host of essential amino acids, this formula is known in the industry as a top choice for intra-workout nutrition. In addition a pre-workout named PWO-MAX™, earmarked by 75mg of DMAA, 300mg of caffeine, and 500mg of DHEA per serving, which users are calling the strongest pre-workout on the market.

Customers are also raving about their clinically dosed diet aid, Redux™, which helps shed weight and increase energy levels while restricting calories. Also to note is Sleep/GH™ , a nighttime  supplement that improves sleep quality, decreases recovery time, and maximizes growth hormone release as you sleep.

What Products Can We Expect in the Near Future?

Prime Nutrition has a wide variety of products in development. PhytoForm™ is a fruit and greens formula that is packed with 100% micronized fruits, veggies, fiber, minerals and antioxidants to help fight off virtually any free radical running amok in your body. Available in three flavors, each serving of PhytoForm™ is packed with nearly 11 grams of the strongest and most powerful blends from only the purest sources of nutrients. Also in development is Waterloss, one of the most potent natural diuretics formulas available in the U.S and is scheduled for release in August 2017.

The Future For Prime Nutrition?

What comes next for Prime Nutrition? A lot is already in the works to bring the brand across the country and make it bigger than ever before. Currently Prime is actively seeking athletes and partnerships with stores and distributors around the country. Prime plans to invest heavily into customer service to exceed customer expectations as the company expands.

With an onslaught of demand already, Prime Nutrition continues to be a brand to look out for as the summer winds down and winter training season begins. Excitement is building as steady growth is expected through the end of 2017 and beyond. Aaron Singerman and Jared Wheat’s string of successful ventures have created tremendous resources to position Prime Nutrition as a powerful force in the supplement industry. For more information, visit or email


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