Get Rid of Unnecessary Water Weight with Waterloss

As you venture into your goals for losing weight and keeping it off, it’s important to understand how your body functions. Since water makes up a large percentage of your bodyweight, knowing what happens with water is a stepping stone to success. Losing weight almost always begins with losing water weight. But what exactly is water weight and how do you lose it? 

A Few Facts about Water Weight

We’ve all forgotten to water a plant before—its normally luscious leaves shrink down to small, wrinkly appendages. But if you’ve ever over-watered your plant, you see the leaves turn swollen and squishy. The same thing can happen to our cells. Since our cells must have water in order to perform daily functions, maintaining sufficient water levels is important. But shedding water stored in excess is a healthy function. Getting rid of water weight is a normal and expected process, and will allow you to use water more efficiently.

As you begin losing weight, the first few pounds are more than likely strictly water weight. Anywhere from 5-10 pounds is a normal amount of water weight to lose. What you eat plays a huge role in how your body uses water. Believe it or not, the more water you drink, the more efficiently your body stores water. By eating salty foods, your cells soak up more water and retain it, leaving you bloated and swollen. By using a smart diet and using a product such as Waterloss which helps control excess water weight, you can easily drop excess water weight fast!

What is Waterloss?

Waterloss is one of our most sought-after products. It’s made up of a few natural ingredients that have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years to help the body operate most efficiently. With herbs and natural extracts such as Equlsetum arvense, Phyllanthus amarus, and Japonica, this product is the perfect combination to help shed excess water. Waterloss acts as a strong diuretic and will help you drop pounds of water in order to feel like your best self! If you’re looking to drop a few pounds before an event, Waterloss works quickly, washing away your surplus of unneeded water. 

How it Works

Waterloss is something people love because it allows for rapid water weight loss without the harmful effects of dangerous prescription medications or other chemicals that can permanently damage the body. With a genius blend of natural ingredients, Waterloss has become one of our most popular products. Here’s what’s inside:


Equlsetum arvense – This herb, known as Horsetail Extract, was originally used by the Romans and Greeks to treat infected wounds. It is still around today and is used for a variety of other purposes. The difference this and some prescription drugs lies in its ability to avoid causing problems with the sodium-potassium electrolyte balance. This herb helps to reduce excess water weight without annoying side effects such as cramping. 


Phyllanthus amarus – Originating in Africa, this powerful extract has been used in the ethno medicinal practices for ages. Today, we use it as a smart way to lose excess water, particularly from under the skin. As this product washes away surplus water, not only do you lose pounds fast, but it improves the appearance of your skin and overall physique. 


Sophora Japonica – This one has been used from ancient to modern-day Chinese medicine for a variety of purposes. Its most vital characteristic used in Waterloss is its ability to reduce inflammation. While not experienced by all people, a rapid reduction of water weight can cause the body to react by increasing inflammation levels which may lead to uncomfortable joints. This herb helps support maximal joint health by allowing the body to produce inflammatory mediators (or reducers) such as TNF-α along with Nitric Oxide, insuring your joints feel great while you look your best!


What it’s Good For

Most people who consider Waterloss are looking to quickly and efficiently drop a few pounds. Whether it’s for an event or just to look and feel your best, controlling excess water is a great way to accomplish what you want. As one of the most popular products we offer, Waterloss is great for quick results. 


Men and women love Waterloss. “Who is it for?” you may ask. Well, our sales show that everyone loves Waterloss. Women are crazy about this fast and efficient way to drop a few excess pounds. But even though it began primarily as a product that women sought, its effects have been contagious and we’ve found that men love it too! 


Waterloss fixes bloating. Bloating is one of the things Waterloss works to counter. Maybe you’re one of the millions of people in the world who suffer from a lot of bloating. We all know the side effects—feeling bigger than usual, having a swollen belly, feeling tired with a lack of energy. This product has great results when it comes to reducing bloating and keeping the body as lean as possible. 


Drop excess weight for an event. Another reason people look to Waterloss is for upcoming events. Beauty pageant or fitness competitions require your physique to be in pristine condition. And with excess water hanging out under your skin, it’s hard to get the perfect form you want. Or maybe you want to drop the last few pounds to fit nicely into the wedding dress of your dreams, or for an upcoming reunion or party. Waterloss works well for anyone looking to quickly lose a small amount of weight. Whatever your reason, give this product a try and look forward to the best version of you! 


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