Whether you are a bodybuilder, athlete, student, or a hard-working citizen, you need sleep to function effectively and efficiently. The average person sleeps one-third of the day; that is eight hours devoted to recovery, growth, and rest. Without adequate sleep, not only are you unable to recover and build muscle but you also put yourself at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and obesity [1]. If you consistently have struggled to obtain adequate sleep or just started to browse this area of the supplement spectrum, then you are familiar with the sleep supplements and natural remedies available. So, if you are here, then I can infer you have tried mediocre sleep blend supplements that led to restless and inadequate sleep. Fortunately, your search ends now with Prime Nutrition’s Sleep/GH supplement.


Prime Nutrition’s Sleep/GH holds ingredients designed to improve Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep cycles, attenuate restless sleep, and augment the quality of sleep. Sleep deprivation has been and is the root of all evil, not only are your catabolic hormones such myostatin and glucocorticoids elevated, but you inhibit anabolic hormones as well i.e. testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin-like growth factor 1 [2]. To understand how Sleep/GH works we first need a basic understanding of the sleep cycle. Sleep has two stages NREM and REM sleep. NREM sleep is composed of three stages in which the body cycles through. NREM sleep occurs first and constitutes roughly 75 to 80 percent of total time spent in sleep, while REM sleep constitutes the remaining 20 to 25 percent [3]. The first NREM-REM sleep cycle is 70 to 100 minutes [3]. When sleep progresses, the duration of REM sleep and stage two of NREM sleep increases [3]. Most of the secretion of growth hormone occurs during slow-wave sleep or stage three of NREM sleep which occurs during the first few hours of sleep [4]. For men, the majority of growth hormone secretion happens during slow-wave sleep, while women have periodic pulses of growth hormone during the day [4]. Growth hormone has a vital role in increasing muscle and cartilage protein synthesis, fatty acid use, and cellular amino acid uptake [5]. Prime Nutrition’s Sleep/GH sleep blend formula was meticulously designed to relax the body and enable it to fall into restful sleep faster. As a result, the NREM-REM sleep cycles can occur efficiently and effectively while increasing the quality of sleep. Consequently, you wake up feeling refreshed, recovered, and stronger for your next workout.


Fascinatingly, Prime Nutrition’s Sleep/GH effectiveness expands beyond the weight room and into the real world. It is apparent sleep loss not only affects your workout but your daily routines as well. So, if you work for a Fortune 500 company, hospital, retail store, or restaurant, being 100% is paramount to produce and excel in your profession. Waking up groggy is not an option once you try Sleep/GH. This supplement can allow you to transition through the cycles of sleep efficiently and as a result, you optimize and recover cognitive functions to make sound decisions and improve memory consolidation [6]. Further, Sleep/GH can also play a pivotal role to strengthen your immune system and protect you from illnesses as adequate sleep allows the immune system to communicate with the central and autonomous nervous system to signal intrinsic physiological pathways [7]. Consequently, you take no days off, recover faster, and stay active during the day.


Overall, the sleep blend formula in Sleep/GH was precisely designed to promote better sleep quality for people who are sleep deprived or restless after adequate sleep. The benefits of Sleep/GH allow you to set the foundation for growth hormone release as NREM-REM sleep cycle are started quickly to aid in your recovery. Further, the benefits of Sleep/GH extend beyond the duration of sleep and encompass the rest of your day as it promotes brain health and strengthens your immune system. Therefore, continuously consuming Sleep/GH may not only allow you to sleep well and build muscle but it may also promote your productiveness and cognitive abilities to achieve your goals and be successful at life.




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