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After years of working with all kinds of people, I eventually found myself working with over 200 women. Why so many women? Why so little men? I asked myself those questions a lot! To be clear, as far as supplementation goes, there is no magic pill that works for everyone; however, there are basic and effective products with years of study supporting their effectiveness. My school of thought has always been that anything I am going to suggest for a woman should be appropriate for any woman. Not just a competitor. Would I give my grandma this product? Would I be comfortable giving my little sister this product? One big ongoing debate is, do people really need supplements? The answer is YES!

But what supplements do you need and how do you find out what you need? The last thing you want to do is walk into a supplement chain store and ask what the clerk suggests. Most of these guys are making some sort of commissions and have ulterior motives. Some supplements can have side effects so it’s important to educate yourself as much as possible before just randomly taking something. For instance, taking vitamin K can reduce the effectiveness of blood thinners. This is why if you’re taking any kind of medicine, you should always talk to your health care provider first.

Head spinning yet? Do you have more questions now?

Let’s say you are "healthy" and following a great nutritional program (which should always be first and foremost). Where do supplements come into play? Supplements are great for filling in the gaps that are missing from the diet. I made my entire client base supplement with the same basic vitamins: C, D3, calcium, a variety of B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, and fish oils— but not a multi vitamin. Who am I to say that all women should take this exact dose of 30 different things crammed into one pill?

I did, however, tell all of my women to supplement with a fruit and greens formula for two reasons. First, its very rare to find an individual that will simply eat that many fruits and veggies in a day. Second, the phytonutrients you get from fruits and veggies are far superior in benefit then anything you would get from a silly multivitamin. Supplements are here to aid us and make us live better, feel better, sleep better and perform better in whatever you may be doing, because diet alone simply can’t meet everyone’s different requirements.

Why is there this misconception that supplements are for guys or "bodybuilders" only? Are woman not working hard? Do woman not need to sleep as well? Should woman have to have poor recovery and sore muscles while men can take things to boost recovery and decrease muscle soreness? Sorry guys, but most of my female clients worked harder than any guy I ever met. So guess what? Women can and should take supplements too. Prime Nutrition is releasing only the best quality ingredients and all of our products can be used by men and woman to the same great effect. Some of the dosing will vary, of course, given the needs of the individual, but we are releasing a very effective line of products to benefit everyone, not just your bodybuilders or intense CrossFit athletes.

  • Nov 25
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  • Adrienne Pearson
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