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As an athlete, I’ve tried everything imaginable to try and gain muscle. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you my personality is loud, aggressive, and opinionated, but with that comes a unique perspective on how I approach my nutrition. No matter how hardcore you think you are, eating can be a brutal chore at times. Chicken breasts start to taste like concrete after a while. But beyond the boredom and lack of options for protein sources, implementing more protein combinations not only makes eating easier, but has also unlocked new growth that I didn’t expect to happen.

So what am I talking about with protein rotations? It’s really simple: instead of eating eggs for breakfast, chicken or fish at lunch, and red meat for dinner as a lot of people do, I’m suggesting you combine everything together in one meal. 12 ounces of chicken for lunch is now going to be 4 ounces of chicken along with 4 whole eggs and 4 ounces of beef. Your grams of protein per meal will be the same, but now your overall macros will be higher adding fat to more meals, and the food will be easier to gag down since you won’t have to look at another daunting plate of chicken.

The added benefit to this is now you’re getting different amino acid profiles at each meal instead of just from one source. Makes sense right? More calories per meal equals a more well-rounded amino intake—and mental salvation from those days you just don’t want to eat.

Some might argue that it doesn’t make a difference, but for me it has. It’s hard to argue with a guy that doesn’t force feed food anymore and have stayed big and full year round eating this way. And it’s not just beneficial when trying to gain muscle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried dieting on just fish and chicken and landed flat on my face. Who says you can’t do the same meal strategies when you’re on restricted calories? Chicken breast, fish, turkey, and egg whites are all interchangeable. Mixem’!

Precook your meals the same way you always have, just change the way you stuff it into your Tupperware. If you want to make continual progress, you have to think outside the box. Your body is a real stubborn mechanism and your brain is the ring leader. Try something new and you might unlock a secret to living the lifestyle on your terms.

  • Nov 25
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  • Adrienne Pearson
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