Why worry about building muscle?

We’ve all heard the importance behind balancing workouts with a healthy diet. Both are incredibly important to building the strongest and healthiest body possible. However, the importance of building solid muscle can often get swept under the rug or shrugged off as a vain thing to do. But building muscle isn’t just about posing in front of a mirror. In fact, there are proven benefits to building muscle. If you want to have a healthy physique that is able to weather the effects of aging, muscle gain is a must. Here are some reasons building muscle is a necessity for your health.

Build muscle, gain strength. Muscle building is sometimes considered only as something to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine. But building lean muscle also means building overall strength. In order to perform daily functions, strength is vital. Whether or not you think of yourself as strong, you use your strength in every day function. Lifting groceries into the back of your car, picking up your child after a scraped knee, rearranging the furniture in your home, or playing your favorite sport, all require strength. Overall strength in the body will not only help you in day to day functions, but feeling the increase in strength will give you motivation to reach your goals.


More muscle aids in metabolism. Sometimes we politely say we’d just like to lose a few pounds or feel leaner, but the truth is, without building muscle, your metabolism will have a hard time keeping up. Muscle actually helps balance your body in many ways, one of which is metabolic. As you work to build lean muscle, it will allow your body to more efficiently burn away unwanted fat. With more muscle mass, your body can not only utilize fat more efficiently when you’re active, but it can also continue after workouts, or when you’re sitting on the couch! It keeps the balance for an overall healthier and leaner body.


Gaining muscle helps counter negative effects of aging. As we age, we begin to encounter the decrease of muscle mass and therefore are more susceptible to degenerative disorders, or even injuries. With the decrease of muscle over the span of years, tendons, ligaments, and bones have less support. Keeping up with muscle building will help sustain the frame of your body over time, and could even prevent specific injuries such as breaks, tears, fractures, or other common injuries.


More muscle mass decreases risk of injury. Ok, we just said that. But aging isn’t the only time injuries can happen. Olympic athletes have a specific balance to maintain between weight and muscle, often resulting in meticulous planning and preparation. They do this because muscle mass is necessary to carry the body through any form of physical activity. Walking, running, swimming, or literally any kind of activity requires the muscles to pull and push the frame of your body where it needs to go. Athletes of all types are susceptible to injuries, and the most effective way to avoid it is by increasing muscle support.


Accomplishing goals offers mental benefits. Sure, benefits like overall strength, prevention of injury, and increased metabolism are well worth the effort to build muscle, but it also offers mental benefits. One mental benefit is that of your appearance. While the importance of body appearance can often be brushed off as something superficial, we as humans need to feel good about ourselves. Even though building muscle isn’t the only answer to having a healthy body image, it can help as we get closer to our desired physique. Additionally, as you increase your muscle mass, you will begin to reach specific goals you’ve set, which allows your mind to feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


Gaining muscle isn’t just about the size of your biceps; the benefits of increasing muscle include the gain in overall strength, an increase in metabolic rate, the sustenance of your body over time, the prevention of injury, and the increase in confidence as you reach goals. Balancing your diet, weight management, and muscle improves overall physique and general health. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and pump some iron!


  • Sep 19
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  • Adrienne Pearson
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