Ciara Le Gale
Ciara Le Gale Prime Nutriton Athlete
5'0" 115lbs
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Name: Ciara Le Gale
D.O.B. April 10, 1989
Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
Height: 5'0
Weight (Offseason): 115
Weight (Competition): 115
Occupation: Founder and CEO of Ciara Le, LLC.

You may know Ciara Le Gale from any one of the boundary-pushing photos posted on her social media, or perhaps, the humor that always seems to take precedence, but very few happen to know about the darker times that served as a catalyst to this fitness/cosplay/glamour model, and blogger.

Born in West Side Phoenix, Ciara grew up with an obese young mother, a young hardworking father and barely enough money to pull together for Spam and Rice (the typical diet of the household). This produced a tough, though tiny, Bl-asian (black/asian) girl.

After years of teasing in grade school and Jr. High, followed by years of deep-rooted insecurity in High School, Ciara fell off the deep end for 3 years following her High School graduation. Her life consisted of addiction, depression, and pain. As Ciara has stated, “…when I felt like I had nothing else to turn to, like this was, you know, the end of the rope-I found something that was an avenue to release everything I had in my mind, in my heart. It was not about my past anymore, it wasn’t about any pain anyone had caused me. It was about right here, right now. I found fitness trying to "find" everything else. Everything else either led me further away from what mattered in life, or just left me completely empty. After I allowed God to take my pride, selfish desire, and shame out of the picture, I found new ways of spending my time. Weights are my anti-drug. Eating clean is my detox. Improving myself is the high.”

Since this turning point, Ciara has been doing exactly what she set out to do: Live life with intention. She preaches balance and moderation in a fitness lifestyle. Motivated by the fact that the things that have happened in her past do not have to be in vain, and in fact, can minister to other women, she has been inspiring and empowering in her own unique, and often criticized, way, never denying sharing her story when asked, even if it shocks some, or angers others. Nonetheless, she is grabbing eyes and ears. Her entire family is now a “gym family” and her once obese mother, and overworked father are both known for being bodybuilding powerhouses without the need of competing.

After creating the 30dayPUSH, which brought people all over the world with different goals and different starting points together into one “FITFAM”, competing in 7 NPC bikini competitions, making waves in the Cosplay world and creating her company, she now feels all the affirmation one could feel that this is exactly where she needs to be in life. “Meeting and interacting with people I would never have met because of social media is something that is still hard for me to grasp. I just feel blessed. Thankful.”

On any given day, you can find Ciara hanging out with “the light of her life”- her little brother Ian (14), working on her next costume for comicon, eating her moms Vietnamese cooking, cracking up with her dad, studying the Bible and singing in church, or watching Kung Fu movies with her boyfriend, Devon. And of course, the gym.

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Glutamine (feel them heals, son!)

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