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Prime Nutrition understands that not everybody is a supplement expert. This is why we have created easy to purchase and utilize supplement stacks that are already set up for a specific goal in mind.
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These T-Shirts are soft-fit stretchy vintage blends. These aren't the cheap $3 bullshit t-shirt you get thrown at you at some expo. These are shirts you will be proud to wear!
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PJ Braun and I have been friends for years, and became business partners a little less than two years ago. When we began we had no idea where it would all lead, only that we wanted whatever we did to be the best. Both he and I have a very powerful competitive drive, and a tremendous (possibly even unreasonable) amount of ambition. I can’t speak for PJ, but I can tell you that I wasn’t born with those traits. They were crafted, reenforced, and built.

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Why so many women? Why so little men? I asked myself those questions a lot! To be clear, as far as supplementation goes, there is no magic pill that works for everyone; however, there are basic and effective products with years of study supporting their effectiveness. My school of thought has always been that anything I am going to suggest for a woman should be appropriate for any woman. Not just a competitor. Would I give my grandma this product? Would I be comfortable giving my little sister this product? One big ongoing debate is, do people really need supplements? The answer is YES!

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Over the years I have come across all types of diets. Ketogenic diets, carb cycling diets, and of course the now ever popular IIFYM diets. "Which one is the best one for cutting?", and, "which one is the best for bulking?" are questions I get asked all the time. I have a hard time answering this because when it comes to nutrition there are just too many variables to take into consideration when devising someones plan. Sure I can give some general guidelines on what I feel works and what doesn't, but haven't we all seen or heard that over and over? I am kinda tired of all the arguing and chest pounding... the cultish followings on twitter, its all pretty silly to me. I am going to let you in on a secret: All of it works to an extent.

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As an athlete, I’ve tried everything imaginable to try and gain muscle. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you my personality is loud, aggressive, and opinionated, but with that comes a unique perspective on how I approach my nutrition. No matter how hardcore you think you are, eating can be a brutal chore at times. Chicken breasts start to taste like concrete after a while. But beyond the boredom and lack of options for protein sources, implementing more protein combinations not only makes eating easier, but has also unlocked new growth that I didn’t expect to happen.


No matter the goal we have a solution.


Straight to the point ingredients FAST.